Ontario prepper businesses see Trump bump

It's not quite this bad, but some are stocking up on supplies for the Trump era.Some disaster supply stores are reporting a spike in orders of survivalist gear, especially from the U.S.

There may be a silver lining to that mushroom cloud of anxiety over Donald Trump.

Business is booming for some local retailers who specialize in survivalist, or so-called “prepper,” supplies.

Robert Studer, who runs the Oshawa-based online store Survival Central, estimates there’s been a 25 per cent increase in orders for items like generators and bulk freeze- dried food since November. Continue reading

Come Visit Survival Central At Two Amazing Survival Shows In August

Survival Central Bugout Vehicle By: Robert Studer

Summer is in full swing and with the ever growing popularity of getting prepared and homesteading, there are two big shows in the month of August that you won’t want to miss. The Georgian Homesteading and Survival Show Aug 2-3 & The Survival Expo Aug 8-9.
While you are there come visit Survival Central’s Survival Bug Out Vehicle at the Georgian Homesteading Show or at our booth, number 21 at The Survival Expo.

Here is more information about both shows:

Georgian Homesteading and Survival show

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3 Keys To Staying A Positive Prepper

fallout shelterBy: Robert James Studer

The world we live in is a very negative place and prepping for an uncertain future can compound your feelings of negativity. Here are three things that helped me keep prepping positive. I hope it will do the same for you.

Prepare For The Bigger Picture

Remember when preparing, don’t prepare for one specific event, like Y2K, 2012 or economic collapse. Keep the bigger picture in focus. Remember you are preparing to give you and your family security and self sufficiency during an emergency or disaster. Preparing for a broad range of events, instead of one specific event, will keep you positive and will keep you from becoming negative when or if that specific event you prepared for doesn’t happen.

Choose Your Conspiracy, Prepping Radio And Websites Wisely Continue reading