Winter Programs

Full Day Outside Winter Program For Schools And Groups

Survival Central can do full day programs for schools and groups from 75 – 200 participants.
Program Consist of the following winter fun activities:

Snow Shelter


1) Snow / debris emergency shelter building: Students will build an emergency shelter in teams using snow, branches, twigs and leaves.


Nature Walk
2) Nature Walk / Animal track identification: Students will be given an animal track identification sheet so they can identify the animals that are active during the winter months.


Camp Fire
3) Campfire warming station with hot chocolate: Students will gather around the campfire and have a nice cup of hot chocolate while singing songs and telling stories.


4) Snowshoe building and use: Students will build snow shoes from various materials and learn how they work in order to keep them from sinking into the snow.

Snow Fun
5) Fun winter obstacle course and race: Just for fun, teams race against each other through various wintey obstacles.


Ask about our in school class and all day at school programs
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